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The IIM proposes 2 types of international programs: 

  • MBAManager d'Entreprise program (dual title degree in English and in French), in conformity with international standards, accredited by AMBA
  • Master in Management : per the European standard LMD (Bachelor-Master-PhD) 

Voir le site see the french site 

Application files can be downloaded at the end of program descriptions.
It also prepares doctoral (PhD) candidates within the framework of the Cnam's doctoral school.

IIM Video

The staff here at IIM created a film outlining our history and future objectives. It provided us with the perfect opportunity to show prospective students where we live and work, in the heart of Paris. 

En savoir plus See the movie here!

Graduation Ceremony

Every year, the IIM holds a Graduation Ceremony to honor its students. This event is an opportunity to celebrate an unforgettable moment in the lives of our graduates, and simultaneously allows each of us to reflect on the work carried out during the past year. Take a look at the 2010 edition, available below.

IIM's enterprise Forum 

Every year, the IIM organizes our annual Enterprise Forum. It is an excellent opportunity for the students of the institute to meet prospective managers and get exposure to different companies. The objectives of this event are to:  
  • seize the economic realities of the moment
  • understand the expectations of the potential employers

Global Management Challenge 

The Global Management Challenge is organized by the company Euromanager. GMC is a competition between several teams, compiled by the biggest French business school and companies. Each team must manage a virtual company with the goal of obtaining the best market share value. In 2009, the IIM team won the National Championship trophy for France, and participated in the International Championship. In 2010, the IIM team reached second place.

Campus France 

All our programs are listed on Campus France, National agency for promoting French higher education abroad. Please click directly to the link below:
For your convenience when applying the French visa via Campus France (online application), please remind the Campus France in your country of our corresponding reference number for each program of IIM.
The MIM & MBA programs in English are also available on the online catalog of Campus France: 

IIM in the news and the press 

Challenges newsweek 


Here, the package of the IIM: our missions, our history, our diplomas...


Prospective students can participate in any of the informational meetings about the whole of IIM; its programs, specializations, administrative and academic procedures, etc...
The candidates also can meet and discuss directly with staff and professors of the IIM, who are happy to answer any questions you may have.
Beside the general information about the entirety of IIM, each specific program within the Institute may organize special, additional informational meetings.


Every year, the IIM participates in numerous exhibitions to promote its programs at home and abroad, including Access MBA, Professional Evolution, Executive Education, and many more. The Institute also attends conferences on management, and holds, with the Foundation Ostad Elahi, the trophy awarding ceremony for the best educational programs and the best research in business ethics.